15.4V 73wh Replacement Laptop Battery for ASUS ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn106T + tools

15.4V 73wh Replacement Laptop Battery for ASUS ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn106T + tools

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This genuine battery has been tested by our professional team for safety and performance.It is 100% Compatible for your machine,We provide 3 year warranty for this battery.

Chemistry: Li-ion
Voltage: 15.4V
Capacity: 73Wh
Inventory: In Stock

Compatible Models
Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN081TZenbook Pro UX550VD-BO005RZenbook Pro UX550VD-BN152T
ZenBook Pro UX550VE-XH71ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn013TZenBook Pro UX550VE-E3159T
UX550VD-1BZenbook Pro UX550VD-BN094TZenbook Pro UX550VD-E3153T
ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO030TZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn142TZenbook Pro UX550VD-BN082T
Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BO116TZenbook Pro UX550VD-BN169RZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO006T
ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn022TUX550VE-1BZenbook Pro UX550VD-BN009T
Zenbook Pro UX550VD-E3208TZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn014TZenBook Pro UX550VE-E3079T
ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BN050TZenbook Pro UX550VD-BN068TZenbook Pro UX550VD-BN205T
ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO060TZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn105RZenbook Pro UX550VD-BO098T
Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN032TZenbook Pro UX550VD-E3244TZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn007R
ZenBook Pro UX550VE-E3094TZenbook Pro UX550VD-BN020TZenbook Pro UX550VD-E2115T
ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO150RZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn121TZenbook Pro UX550VD-BN081R
Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BO023TZenbook Pro UX550VD-BN102TZenbook Pro UX550VD-E3180T
ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn020TZenBook Pro UX550VE-E3081TUX550VD-1A
Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN010TZenbook Pro UX550VD-E2167TZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO026T
ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn106TZenbook Pro UX550VD-BN082RZenbook Pro UX550VD-BO165T
Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN120TZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO031TZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn016T
UX550VE-1AZenbook Pro UX550VD-BN084RZenbook Pro UX550VD-E3109T
ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO149RZenBook Pro UX550VE-E2064TZenbook Pro UX550VD-BO701T
Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN247TZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO101RZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn114T
Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BO098RZenbook Pro UX550VD-BN045TZenbook Pro UX550VD-E3156T
ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn016RZenBook Pro UX550VE-E3061TZenBook Pro UX550VE-DB71T
Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN007RZenbook Pro UX550VD-BN246TZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO104T
ZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn109RZenbook Pro UX550VD-BN078RZenbook Pro UX550VD-BO039T
Zenbook Pro UX550VD-BN157TZenbook Pro UX550VD-E3248TZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn070T
ZenBook Pro UX550VE-E3130TZenbook Pro UX550VD-BN014RZenbook Pro UX550VD-E2147T
ZenBook Pro UX550VE-BO099TZenBook Pro UX550VE-bn148RUX550VD
Zenbook Pro UX550VDZenBook Pro UX550VEZenBook Pro UX550

Compatible Part Numbers

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laptop batteries tips

1. Pls read the manufacturer's manual about the laptop battery carefully.

2. Do remember to charge your laptop battery fully after receiving it because batteries may discharge during storing and shipping.

3. Do keep laptop battery clean by a clean soft cloth, pencil eraser, or rubbing alcohol.

4. Do not try to modify or disassemble the laptop batteries pack.

5. Do not incinerate or expose battery to excessive heat.

6. Do not place the battery in device for a long period of time if device is not being used.

7. Do not short circuit the batteries pack terminals or store your battery pack with metal objects.